Witch-course in Copenhagen

Last Sunday 12 proud witches went home from felting course in Copenhagen!!!!!!
It was such a funny course where we could add a lot of details during the proces that made the witches more and more realistic.
-and it must have been a very popular theme as there was a waiting list of 10 who had wanted to join the course.

Doll Of The Month – March 2014

This month my inspiration came from wool that I found in my stock. This wool reminded me of Gandalf and his big grey hair and I had to work with a type like his and it showed up to be very interesting, because I could use the technique I have developed and work with the colors of his face to give him his special character.

The mongolian felt artist and ethnolog Tangad Danaajav is visiting Denmark

A month ago I got a mail from Tangads son Yeruult, who lives here in Denmark. He told that his father would come and visit him after finally having got a visa. The father had expressed that on his staying here he wanted to visit me at my workshop and his son asked me if […]

Doll Of The Month – February 2014

Doll of the month in February is a big raw fleece relief with dog heads needled into the fleece.

New theme for my courses – Animal-cushions

I am lucky to have a group of very good feltmakers, who are willing to let me “try” my ideas on them. In that way they are helping me to see, if my ideas will work.Last weekend they got the challenge to make animal cushions.

Doll Of The Month – January 2014

This winter-woman is made with a technique that I need very special wool for. The wool comes from the little Norwegian wild mountain sheep that is one of the few original sheep races that has kept the ability to loosen the whole fleece every year when the new wool starts to grow. That gives the wool a quality that makes it possible to work with as if it was clay.

Detektive work for the felt-museum in Mouzon in Northern France

I have some detective work I would like you to help me with

Two weeks ago I got a mail from Vincent Hadot, who is director of the felt-museum in Mouzon in Northern France.

He is making an inventory list for the museum and he is not able to find the name of the person, who has made a group of animals that are on the museum. He attached the three pictures that I show you here and asks if I know the name of the person who made them.

Guest once again at the Danish TV channel ”frihuset”.

When I showed my needle felted work at the TV channel “frihuset” last time I was invited, they were very impressed and they asked me if I would come again in December and show my Christmas pixies. I have during many years made a collection of my own pixies. Every year I took one or two pixies for myself and that way I have been able to use this collection for several Christmas exhibitions at galleries and other places, where I was invited.

Doll Of The Month – December 2013

Doll of the month this December is a needle felted baby with a pixie hat. Here in Denmark we have a special relationship to pixies. They are something, we have at Christmas time and we call them “nisses”, and from middle of October till around new year evening, they are all over in many many different materials and expressions. A pixie baby is, by the way, a little unusual because the “nisse” will wear either a red dress or an old-fashioned boys clothes.

New course subject

I have had a new course subject for my latest course in Copenhagen.
We made fairytale trees with a lot of roots and rough bark effects . Some students also gave their trees life with side branches who looked like arms with hands on and there were hidden faces in the bark.