Look here: My pixies have come alive…


Everything is white.

This is the third project I have made together with my friend Guri. I have made the felted work and Guri has made all the white strings and the umbrella sculpture and the seat with special plants on.
The idea to this project came, when I got a lot of white carded wool from one of my students. As drawing croquis is one of my favorite things to do, I thought that combining my schetches with the white wool would be exiting.

Doll Of The Month – November 2015

This month the snow-leopard is doll of the month. As it very often is the case, the inspiration to make this animal came, when I found a piece of wool that already had felted on the sheep to a shape that gave the idea to the snow leopard. The piece is from a Norwegian wild sheep that lives year round in the mountains.

Doll Of The Month – September 2015

Doll of the month for September is from a series of cats and kittens that I have made this season. When I first started to make cats I could not stop again because I could nearly see the next cat before I had finished one. I have now tried many different positions and colors and this one is my latest and I love this little kitten and the crème color it has.

Doll Of The Month – August 2015

Doll of the month for August is a work I have just finished for exhibition. It is the back of a “floating” chair, where you can find portraits of a row of women from a family that has its origin in Lapland.

Doll Of The Month – June 2015

These two cheetah kittens are dolls of the month this June. I have worked with many different kinds of cats for a long time and when I saw a photo of a Cheetah I wanted to make that kind of a cat too. It has a special face with the dark brown lines down at the sides of the nose. The kitten has the most beautiful eyes that looks so worried, and I could not stand that expression.

Doll Of The Month – May 2015

Doll of the month this May is this little kitten. Lately I have worked very much with cats and I found out that it was so funny to find all kinds of positions and try them, and suddenly there was a whole family of cats lying there together.

The “KRAKA” chair.

Now our chair number two is finished. Again it has been a great pleasure to work together with my friend Guri on making this idea get alive. This chair is quite different from the first one we made. After I have been drawing croquis for two seasons, I got the basic idea already while we worked with […]

Doll Of The Month – April 2015

Doll of the month in April is this little orangutan baby. The surface of the baby is made with the reverse barb needle that gives this possibility of making the surface look hairy. The little baby is made with the same technique as I use for the human being, where I first make all the parts of the body and then needle them together.

The head chair is now finished

Now Guri and I have finished our “head-chair”. To make it has been something like a journey of exploration. We new fairly good from the beginning