The Kalvag Trail, An International Felt Project in Nature

Opening night of the Kalvag Trail…It was so fitting that we huddled together, arm in arm, letting out a cheer to announce the culmination of our efforts. Some of us had tears in our eyes, marking the end of an intense yet fulfilling week. Yes, it is an art installation of beautiful works of felt, but to us it was much more, a week of openness to nature and to each other, as well as to the community of Kalvag.

International Peace Doll Project

This spring I was asked if I would make a doll for the local Soroptimist club. (See below). The basic figure I got to work on, is the same for everyone who is joining this project: It is a very simple little figure made out of cotton and you can decorate it as you like, only you must give it a Dow of peace to hold in its hand.