Felt in the nature

Out in the wood, high on a cliff in Norway is sitting a 2½m tall troll. He is felted around a tree-trunk – so he is sticked there and he is not alone, because around him in the wood you can find many different felted things. These things are the result of a terrific week, where a group of felters invaded the wood.

For a long time I have wished to try to felt out in the nature, and see the felt perish together with the nature, and the chance was there when I was going to have my yearly course at Aslaug Svindlands wonderfull place in the southern part of Norway. It was possible for me to go there 1½ week before the course should take place, and I had arranged in advance, that some of the girls; who should be participants in the course would help me. The original project was to felt a big troll or a bear up on a cliff in the wood, But when I came and walked around in the wood looking for a good place for the troll, then i was captivated, because I suddenly saw that i could felt flat faces on the big thin pines and on the birchtrees — yes my head teemed with ideas, and when I told Aslaug about the possibilitys i saw, then she was enthusiastic about it, and then things worked fast- the feltworkshop soon burned of energy from the girls who came in all their sparetime, and new things were hung up or placed in the wood along the road which was now named “the feltroad”.

It was vey ixiting to see how the ideas just stumbled ower each other. I had arraged that each felter could get a “warm up” assignment and when they had been in the wood to place their work, then they all came back with an idea of what to felt: A fish in the elv (river), a trollhead on a stump, a nix in the elv, a nymph in the myrrh, a frogg in the puddle, an adder, a troll -behind climbing under a cliff, faces felted flat and wrapped around the tree trunks, long sparkling strings hanging over the road and down in the water, mowing in the stream.

When the week was ower we nearly collapsed of tiredness, before the original course started, – we had felted 45 different things on or beside the road, and we were very glad to get things from children too, felted mice, caterpillars etc.

Some children had heard about the project, so they came and walked the tour, and found nearly all the things, and it sure was not easy to find them all. Much of it was kind of camouflaged because it looked as if it should be there, so the nature cheated them, because they could not see ifit was felt or nature and as it was placed upand down and not always so near to the road, it was’nt just easy, but those who walked there had a lot of fun.

Now it is very exiting to see how this will develope. Many people have already walked the feltroad, because the newspapers and the TV was there and made people curious to experience how it was to look at the nature in another way.

Now the Danish feltunion has asked me to make a project here in Denmark so we are looking for a good place.

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