The 2012 course season is finished

The 2012 course season is finished

I have now finished the course season for 2012 with a course where they felted SWEET OLD MEN and a private course in my workshop where the theme was to felt a face in 3d and also here it showed up to be a SWEET OLD MAN.

Many kinds of pixies, angels and Santa Claus figures are now giving a cozy atmosphere of Christmas in my workshop.

I have already sent the yearly parcel with a group of chosen pixies to the Art and Craft shop I use to send to every Christmas, so now I can just enjoy to create the ideas I have for new pixies.

I like especially to work with wool from the Norwegian wild sheep that has a wool I can sculpture with in a way so every little pixie just takes its own form, while I work with it. The wool doesn´t even have to be carded but can be used directly from the raw fleece and it gives a rough image.

From the latest course: Sweet old men

From my latest course: Sweet old men

From my latest private course at my workshop
The theme was to make a face in 3D and also here it became a sweet old man





  1. Alison Hemmings says:


    Wow am I glad I came across your work on Pinterest. I have recently learnt how to create felt people using armatures and soft sculpting and I thought my faces were fairly good. That is till I saw your old men. Are you still running your free online workshop? I would really love to learn how to give my creations better faces.

    I have been felting for over 5 years and it was only recently I discovered how to sculpt with wool. It makes my heart sing and I would love to do more.

    Kind Regards


  2. Mary Seaman says:

    Please, please make this book available again. It is wonderful. I’d come to your workshop in a heartbeat if I were just a tad closer.

    Is there any possibility that you will be offering this course on line or reprinting the book?

  3. Linda Weeks says:

    what she said

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